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Parasitic (2012)

Watch online full movie: Parasitic (2012) for free.

A group of friends become trapped inside a nightclub with an unseen terror. Unable to escape, one at a time they fall victim to the ravenous, bloodthirsty beast.

Director: Tim Martin
Writer: Tim Martin
Stars: Julie Anne, Camille Balsamo, Amanda Beck

7lives (2011)

Watch online full movie: 7lives (2011) for free.

Tom, a married man with kids, is struggling at work when a client tries to seduce him with promises of a ‘more exciting life’. On his way home one night he gets attacked by a gang of …

Director: Paul Wilkins
Writer: Paul Wilkins (screenplay)
Stars: Danny Dyer, Les Allen, Kate Ashfield

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)

Watch online full movie: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) for free.

After finding love, Bridget Jones questions if she really has everything she’s dreamed of having.

Director: Beeban Kidron
Writers: Helen Fielding (novel), Andrew Davies (screenplay)

Not Safe for Work (2014)

Watch online full movie: Not Safe for Work (2014) for free.

An office worker is trapped inside the building where a killer is on the loose.

Director: Joe Johnston
Writers: Adam Mason, Simon Boyes
Stars: Michael Gladis, Dan Bakkedahl, JJ Feild

Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Houou no miko (2012)

Watch online full movie: Gekijouban Fairy Tail: Houou no miko (2012) for free.

Natsu and his mighty team of mages face evil rising from the embers in this action-packed feature-length exclusive! When a prince seeking immortality unleashes an ancient force, a raging …

Director: Masaya Fujimori
Writers: Hiro Mashima (manga), Masashi Sogo (screenplay)

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