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Balto (1995)

Watch Full movie: Balto (1995) Online Free.(english subtitles)

An outcast half-wolf risks his life to prevent a deadly epidemic from ravaging Nome, Alaska.

Director: Simon Wells
Writers: David Steven Cohen, Elana Lesser
Stars: Kevin Bacon, Bob Hoskins and Bridget Fonda

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4 Responses to Balto (1995)

  1. Zakry Pyle says:

    I want this video back on my iPod touch

  2. ELizabeth Carter says:

    I want this video back, alot of people enjoy it and so do kids. It was an interesting movie.

    • Ai Ienoue says:

      You’re right! alot of my friends like this movie, they enjoyed it. But it seems like on this website it’s gone, I feel sad, but it is to be this way.

  3. Karson says:

    I remember when i was so Little And i whached this movie only. Now i Can whatch it everyday like when i was Little. It’s à fantastic movie

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