Hero Quest (2015)

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It is a fairytale about a grand life journey of a 10-year old boy Savva devoted to help his Mom and fellow village people to break free from the vicious hyenas.
Director : Maksim Fadeev
Actors : Maksim Chukharyov, Konstantin Khabenskiy, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Grigoriy Leps, Mikhail Galustyan

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Rating: 3.1 - 10 votes

The Four (2012)

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(Hong Kong) english Subtitles

A government department known as the Six Panels appoints their best officer to infiltrate a special force called the Divine Constabulary, to ensure their way in stopping the circulation of counterfeit coin currency in the capital.
Directors: Gordon Chan, Janet Chun
Writers: Gordon Chan, Frankie Tam
Stars: Chao Deng, Yifei Liu, Ronald Cheng

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Rating: 2.3 - 6 votes

Fluke (1995)

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After a man dies in a car crash, he is reincarnated as a dog and attempts to reconnect with his family.
Director: Carlo Carlei
Writers: James Herbert (novel), Carlo Carlei (screenplay)
Stars: Matthew Modine, Nancy Travis, Samuel L. Jackson

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Rating: 3.6 - 7 votes

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

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Ernest helps Santa Claus as he searches for his successor.
Director: John R. Cherry III (as John Cherry)
Writers: Ed Turner (story), B. Kline (screenplay)
Stars: Jim Varney, Douglas Seale, Oliver Clark

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Rating: 1.6 - 6 votes

Bullfighter (2000)

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A man on the run is surprised to learn that he is a Knights Templar and that his girlfriend is a holy virgin about to give birth to a very special baby on Christmas Day.
Director: Rune Bendixen
Writers: Rune Bendixen (story), Rune Bendixen (screenplay)
Stars: Olivier Martinez, Michelle Forbes, Assumpta Serna

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Rating: 2.6 - 5 votes

The Church (1989)

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An old Gothic cathedral, built over a mass grave, develops strange powers which trap a number of people inside with ghosts from a 12th Century massacre seeking to resurrect an ancient demon from the bowels of the Earth.
Director: Michele Soavi
Writers: Nick Alexander (dialogue: English version), Dario Argento (story)
Stars: Hugh Quarshie, Tomas Arana, Feodor Chaliapin Jr.

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Rating: 2 - 6 votes