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Cyberbully (2011)


Watch Full movie Cyberbully (2011) Online Free.

Teen girl Taylor Hillridge gets a a laptop for her birthday and signs up on a social networking site…

Director: Charles Binamé
Writer: Teena Booth
Stars: Emily Osment, Kay Panabaker and Meaghan Rath


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74 Responses to Cyberbully (2011)

  1. caroline says:

    I have to deal with cyber bully’s and I know how it feels like. My one friend killed herself because of cyber bullying so stop it, that is my opinion

  2. Marie says:

    This movie talks about cyber bully and kids almost killing them selves Becuase of cyber bully and say that this is “bullshit cuz She didnt kill her self” would u rather her to die no so u guys saying this stuff is a cyber bully✌✌ i rest my case

  3. Cy says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Fun table, udabhabyabgabbabna nah jagnagNganiangng

  5. Anonymous says:

    I unang jaya amkka

  6. demi Lovato Summer says:

    eqnunamuamk, ajmai

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love this movie because it teaches the bully that what they do can make people commit suiced

  8. Galaxy says:

    People this message is about not to bully I have been in a deep depression because of bullying and almost suceeded on commitiong suicide this was has just about a week ago and I could have died

  9. Sophie says:

    Everybody, I have read all these comments and they are basically all true in different ways.
    I cant imagine what it would be like to get bullied, but my friends got bullied and they drowned each other dead :(
    People who bully think there amazing they all do. but there just trying to be popular.
    Top tip, nobody likes bullys!
    Anyone who gets bullied needs to stay strong. because they cant ,make you feel bad.
    They do this because they think ur a threat. or your better than them. I have a facebook page and all my friends all know me and I know them. this film gave many tips not just to not kill urself but don’t answer friends eequests to people u dint know.

  10. Charlie says:

    This is bullshit, she didn’t even kill herself.

    • Iksa says:

      ya she didnt kill her self

      • bry says:

        Its not always about if someone kills them self. The film isnt telling a story of a girl who kills herself , its telling people not to listen to bullies and dont give up so easy and stand up for yourself .
        Don’t let people make you feel ur not worth anything .everyone was put on earth for a reason , don’t let some worthless d**ks get you down cuz you are your own person . love being you , no ones perfect , everyone has something they are not proud of.
        Killing yourself isn’t the answer , trust me I know .

      • Anonymous says:

        Why… does it matter if a sweet girl as she was kill herself?! the movie isnt about that

    • Sophie says:

      this movie isn’t about killing herself, its to help people when there being bullied that they should not give up. I had not many problems with this movie I liked it.

    • Sophie says:

      I’m not goanna say this film is perfect but this helps me when I get bullied one day which will happened maybe. If this was a scale out of 10 I would say an 8

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you saying that it would be bette if she killed herself? Seriously? Like its a cyberbully movie not a suicide one. Please rephrase your comments better or don’t comment at all. Suicide and bullying is serious. #staystronglovlies

      • Anonymous says:

        No she wasn’t saying that she is trying to say that cyberbullying can lead to death and. By showing the girl didn’t kill her self is a sign to many people who are being bullied to not back down to stay strong and not kill themselves OK and I think you should apologize to Sophie thanks

    • Tia mountford says:

      Does it matter that she didn’t ???? The idea is that she nearly did and no one she ever feel like that

    • Anonymous says:

      She didnt need to

  11. Emily says:

    Some day i hope cyber-bullying and face to face bullying stopes

    • Sophie says:

      So do I Emily, I don’t even understand how people can tell people to go and die. it would be dreadful and upsetting. If anyone here bullys people then im against you!

    • donnie says:

      That is not the point some people bully because they are scared about something and they are not proud of who they are and what they have become and most of it starts with there parents. Mabe they they want attention and there parents work all the time and they just snap so take it out on other people and when they we fight back and scoop To there level so we r bullys too but let stop and think or just talk to be come there friend maby that will solve the problem.

  12. Fluffy says:

    It didn’t make me cry, they could’ve make it SO much better.
    But yeah, this film was okay!
    I hope cyberbullying stops one day.

  13. Lesely says:

    I cried over half of the movie I’m being bullied but not that bad I feel bad for telling on the people I did glad that’s not me

  14. Isobel garrill says:

    Love is movie so good

  15. Isobel garrill says:

    Love this movie so good

  16. Isobel garrill says:

    A girl should be feel like she wants to kill her self so just leave other poeple alone if u have something to say then just keep it to your self

  17. naimo says:

    this is really sad tho but bully is wirst help each other and stand for other dont be afraid!

  18. Taylor says:

    It tells how a girl is sad and wants to kill healed about what’s other girls think of her but really it’s her best friend sabotaging her life on this website even tho she does not to listen about other people opinions

  19. Kelsey Vernall says:

    I luv this movie. Its so sad what people do to other people online for no reason!! They need to find a way to stop cyber bullying.

  20. Rocky says:

    This is so sad ever time I watch this I frickin cry and then I look like Hell :'(

  21. RogelioGonaelz says:

    RogelioGonaelz Angelica De la cruz love

  22. Ashley says:

    This movie is very inspirational cyber bullying and physical bullying happen a lot but adults are blind to it. If you are being bullied you shouldn’t just let the bully get away with it stand up for yourself other wise it will not stop and it may get to this point I have lost friends due to bullying over the internet and face to face, it’s hard and you can’t let it happen, even if it’s not happening to you. Stand up for others who are being bullied because you never know when they get to this point. I love this movie and I still cry every time I watch it.

    • Lesely says:

      Yeah I cry too but look at Ashley’s commet I feel so bad

    • Emily says:

      My brothers friend killed herself cause of cyberbullying

      • Sophie says:

        my 2 friends were getting bullied and so they drowned each other…… DEAD
        I felt so alone. and upset that my 2 best friends were dead. Why couldn’t the bullies came for me instead? I never want to loose a friend. Bullying is terrible how can people live with it especially if the person they bullied killed themselves.
        I am not gonna tell you all the story about my 2 friends but if you bully… then that’s what u need 2 do.stop it all from happening.

      • Anonymous says:

        So sorry to hear that happened. Suicide affects so many of those left behind, I’ve seen it first hand & from both sides of the story – the victim & the attempter. I so wish we as humans could learn how special & unique each one of us is & how much we ARE LOVED by the one who created us – letting others make us into a bullied victim might never happen if we could see the TRUTH of our specialness & purpose in life.

  23. Mariam says:

    You know why bullies do this kind of stuff? Because they want to look at us crying and being sad. But if we stay strong they’ll get bored and leave you alone. It should never get to the point were you kill yourself because they’re not worth it.

  24. Jawaria says:

    People who bully other people what do they get from it words hurt cuz i have been bullied by the way that movie was really good its very inspiring

  25. Al says:

    I’m not sure whether to talk about the movie or the bully. You should stand up to bullies, whoever u r, for whatever reason. What’s the worst it could happen? I was physically bullied when I was a kid because i had a beautiful mother. I always stood up, got a slap or a punch but it did not kill me. I laughed at them, it made me stronger. There is always two kind of people, the ones that cheer u on and the ones that try and stop u. Bullies r cowards, full stop. Alban

  26. Bambalena guby says:

    Well.. that was awesome!.. I mean sad but I liked the end.. happy endings… I hope no one would go through this bully crap thing..

  27. I love it so much because I like her getting byberbully

    • how says:

      honestly how can u say that this kind of thing happens in real life and all you can say is that u like her getting cyber bullied! btw it is a horrible feeling and u don’t know until it has happened to you yourself!

      • Sophie says:

        well that’s only a bit true. There are some really hurtful bullying videos on youtube and we can feel 2% of the pain but as you said it dosent hurt properly until it happens to you.

    • Jawaria says:

      How can you say that imagine if u were that girl then you will understand what its like to be bullied

    • Anonymous says:

      it was on April fools day but its still not a nice joke but its kind of funny that you got so much hate but there the stupid one lol jokes don’t be offended

    • Aleesha says:

      That was not a funny April fools joke cuz cyberbulling Isn’t a funny in the slightest

  28. Woah says:

    just stop. stop cyber bullying.

    • Anonymous says:

      In absolute agreement!!
      **JUST STOP IT!!!**

  29. this is terrible says:

    this is awful. People actually do get treated like this and it needs to stop.

    • Emily says:

      The only reason why its happening is because no one out there is stopping it. They just watch it and let it happen. But i’m a person who stops it and not watches it. Bullying needs to stop now.

  30. ingrid says:

    This made my cry. People need to realize what they are doing to others

  31. Hanna says:

    This made me cry so much

  32. Chey says:

    This movie really made me cry. But it also inspired me to tell my story. Bullying is something that shouldn’t exist

  33. Dannille says:

    I really don’t know how people can be so cruel to each other…

  34. Dannielle says:

    this movie is sad but it was truly inspiring. there are a lot of people in my school that get bullied and this is real life.

  35. Gabby Joyce says:

    I can’t help but cry every time I watch this.</3

  36. cadee says:

    This was a good movie but the thing that shocked me was when her best friend made that fake profile

  37. Sarah Hopkins says:

    Whenever I watch this movie it brings tears to my eyes. It is just so cruel how people can be this mean to one another.

  38. Bella20 says:

    Well this is slow as hell but good movie is sad

  39. Amanda says:

    This movie is so good but so sad! Omg I always cry watching it ! I love the mom though she’s so sweet in it !

    • Marie says:

      This movie talks about cyber bully and kids almost killing them selves Becuase of cyber bully and say that this is “bullshit cuz She didnt kill her self” would u rather her to die no so u guys saying this stuff is a cyber bully✌✌ i rest my case

  40. Brittany Dawn Powers says:

    I love this movie so much, But it always makes me cry. <3

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