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Monster High: Ghoul’s Rule! (2012)


Watch Full movie Monster High: Ghoul’s Rule! (2012) Online Free.

When the freaky-fab guys and ghouls of Monster High get wrongly accused of Halloween high jinx by a group of normies, things get spooky. But can they prove their innocence in time for a spooktacular celebration?

Directors: Mike Fetterly, Steve Sacks
Writers: Mike Montesano, Ted Zizik
Stars: Laura Bailey, Hank Banks and Cam Clarke


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10 Responses to Monster High: Ghoul’s Rule! (2012)

  1. Christinale says:

    you can watch 13 wishes on monsterhighonline.com in spanish and english

  2. Christinale says:

    you can watch 13 wishes on monsterhighonline.com

  3. lisa needham says:

    something is wrong,,i was watching movies everyday,,then yoday it want load the movies,,can you tell me why please,,,… :)

  4. Malia says:

    I like it

  5. Chante Vogel says:

    I like the movie. Allot. I already have the movie
    but it’s scratched, so i decided to watch it online
    instead. I knew I would find it though. It’s
    allot less fun watching it on a phone then watching
    it on TV. I didn’t watch the hole movie online though.
    I got bored. Not just because the screen is to small
    but also because I’ve watched it a million times before.

  6. Xana says:

    Cool movie Jackson is cute

  7. Xana says:

    So cool holt;jackson so cool mixied emotions

  8. Mango says:

    I cant watch the video is the movie Monster High Ghouls Rule! remove?

  9. Rebecca says:

    I Love This Movie! So Glad I Found It!

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