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My Sister’s Keeper (2009)


Watch Full movie: My Sister’s Keeper (2009), Online Free.

Anna Fitzgerald looks to earn medical emancipation from her parents who until now have relied on their youngest child to help their leukemia-stricken daughter Kate remain alive.

Director: Nick Cassavetes
Writers: Jeremy Leven (screenplay), Nick Cassavetes (screenplay)
Stars: Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin and Alec Baldwin


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7 Responses to My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

  1. vanessa z says:

    I love and kinda relate to this movie because I’ve been ill lots of times I have had kidney transplant for damaged kidney from ecoli and in sstory plot the girl has hhealt issues

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this movie I watched it about hundreds of times

  3. Macyyy says:

    Best movie ever I cry every time I watch it

  4. Torilynn says:

    This movie is the best!!! my FAVORITE movie. makes me cry every time. so sad!! :'(

  5. Katy says:

    You know what is it like the fault in our stars??

  6. Hannah says:

    This movie is such a sad movie both times I watched it I was crying

  7. Elle says:

    Every time I watch I can’t help but cry

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