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Puss in Boots (2011)


Watch Full movie Puss in Boots (2011) Online Free.

A story about the events leading up to the sword fighting cat’s meeting with Shrek and his friends.

Director: Chris Miller
Writers: Charles Perrault (character), Tom Wheeler (screenplay)
Stars: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis


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59 Responses to Puss in Boots (2011)

  1. Billy Givands says:

    Puss in boots Gt Only Change To Have aaaaa Girlfriend :) She a cat andd He a Cat too :) She Plus Christian Fancher Favorite Cat :) Do u Have a Cat :) NNNN

  2. Billy Givands says:

    jpb Just say HE He Naughty and RIDE A HOSE? Woow Never thuaght pb Can Ride a House in the Movie When i was 7 OR 8 Soooôôooooooo Was i 6 or 8 To 9 10 Was i Oh yeah i am i was 6 To 7 Or 8 Or 9 10 :) 13:23 You See Him at a beanstalk or a campingtrip :) Soooooo That movie about pb At a campingtrip and a beanstalk. pb and the beanstalk or the campingtrip :) I Watch it at a Movie Teavter yes i did with my Aunt :) WOOOOOHOOO This movie is rocking Yes Want to see it again Hope j see the movie back at the movie teavter. plz i watch it again

  3. Billy Givands says:

    I Has a BAJ :) And You Cool :) ANd You a Shinny Cat :) And You Are Cat Saver :) And Yeach U My Everyone :) So You Just pb For Me========Good:) Hello Pb I Had Baj Just For NOOOOOO Rasien:) I Love The Movie So YOU Are i love With Cjb Wii That Good GOODBYE :)

  4. Billy Givands says:

    Puss in bOOTS is Awsome :) But You Are Happy More Than Cats Right :) =========) Good

  5. Billy Givands says:

    Everyone Grab the popcorn And Juices. Cuz the Movie Is A Great one And Enjoy The Movie :) Enjoy The Movie and Good Bye Everyone :)

  6. Billy Givands says:

    When i Was in The Socend Grade. And We Need 3D Glasses To See The Movie :)) And i Want to Ssee ssssoooo Bad :))

  7. Billy Givands says:

    I Know <

  8. Billy Givands says:

    I LOVED Thhe Movie :)

  9. Billy Givands says:

    Í had to Pb answer :) BUT i Know a Cat is You :) Do You Have Justin Berty In my Hand. Mr Berty Say U A Cute :) And i Just Like awwwww That swetty :) But Booooooo I hate You Being Trap:) I Want You To Be Frree And Yes}And Smile For Me Sweety :) OK You a Cute Cat And You Prew For People :) That why People Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww For U:) Sooöooooooooooooooooooooo r u a Jk Or Be :) Which Cqt are You

  10. Billy Givands says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. PB IS Cute Than Hd And aCat . Pb in boots is cool and cute

  11. Billy Givands says:

    I Love The Movie. :) :)

  12. Billy Givands says:

    I Better SD And Your Travel Has Uh Uh Uh Going Good So You Have Better :) CCCCCCCCCCCCC You Zack square Is Your NIckNames I Has To Take Brake And After That I Had HAhahahaha :) HAhahahaha On yOUR Funny Travel ANd UR Colths Is So Super cuuuuuuuuute And Yeach You and Pb And Hd And A Cat AAAÁAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUnny Travel………………….. Goood Byyye The PB AND HD AND A CAT :) Bye Bye BYE Cutey And I Talk To You Agina At When i See You

  13. Billy Givands says:

    You i Love pb And Your Beilve:) Lol But The important I Want is to Learn The Lyrics Yeah Justin Berty. Like Another People :) Do You Hear Me PB Yes or No :) Juuuuuussssttiiin different is to Be Coolnd ANDDDD Just Say You AORE . And Your Secret Lyric is Lame And Your NO The Different Of Justin bErtyy

  14. Billy Givands says:


  15. Billy Givands says:

    You a ccat FAN :) :ddddddd

  16. Billy Givands says:

    2011 Is Thd Best Year Of This Movie :) I Swear The God I Realy Love It :) But it Stillness Need Some Tantle To It Lyrics :) LEEEEEET MEEEEE SAYYYYY N:) GOOD Movied and Good bye To Puss in boots – Justin Berty :)

  17. Billy Givands says:

    How !!! How U Get A House And Friends Wired :) I Only Think you a Dook!!! HAhahahaha I Think You Is Dook. Whhhhaaaaat A Joke HAhahahah. Its Just A Funny Joke

  18. Billy Givands says:

    Hello Justin Berty. Want To Say. i OK Good Things Tht U Have :) I Know How u Look Annnnd You Just a Justin Berty Plus Lisa Berty :) Lisa Berty Is A Cat Wife. So Just Be Justin Berty Forever Bs. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :)!!!!!

  19. Billy Givands says:

    Hey Puss in Boots Can You Take a Hive And Play Outside And Drink Water On Bowl :) MMMHM Annnd Thank You
    Plz Do tHat. Plzzzzzzzz:3 Love U Puss in Boots :) 😀 :-)

  20. Billy Givands says:

    Hey Puss In Boots I Want To Put A bink 3 Plus 10 Times And Hmmmmmmm Pussy

  21. Billy Givands says:

    You Know Justin Berty. Orrrrr You r a American Cat!! I Know Puss is a Some Of Crap D-: Anddd Just Haung On The Wall And He Haung Up On That Camping Trip and The Beanstalk D:
    Just Let Him Do it For His Ower
    Kill Camping trip And The Beanstalk

  22. Billy Givands says:

    You Justin Berty

  23. Billy Givands says:

    I Just Kick :) Tht U Are APices Of Jb :) Jb is A Cat Of The Kinght 😀

  24. Billy Givands says:

    Yeach U A jB :3 But U Not A JY :) You Know JY Is A Bood Type

  25. Billy Givands says:

    The Promble Is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Such Movie :3
    D: i that One.Who Watch The Full Verson And I Say What in Thd World. And How They Make A Camping Trip. And Spend The Night At They Camping Trip Annnnd Nothingb D:

  26. Billy Givands says:

    I Love The Full Verson. But I Love it To Be Better Thn That

  27. Billy Givands says:

    The Full Verson is Better

  28. Billy Givands says:

    :)/////Nice Movie. I Love The Movie Best Movie Ever

  29. Billy Givands says:


  30. Billy Givands says:

    Hey Everyone I Like The Movie and Make Errrrrrrrrrk

  31. Billy Givands says:


  32. Billy Givands says:

    Hey Bro I Love The Movie.And You Are Welocome To Watch this. Rose r Red I A Great MOVIE Fan And U Are TWO

  33. Billy Givands says:

    The Golden gose is A Girl :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  34. Billy Givands says:

    What The Golden Gose Came From? How You Get it From. The Giant Castle?

  35. Billy Givands says:

    Holey Crap. What is That. Looks Golden Of My GOOOOOD

  36. Billy Givands says:

    Hello Puss in Boots. I Am Billy Givands And I Love To Have A Pet Like You And OOOOOOOOOO You Are Cute I Just Hate The Boss Of Your Movie. And That Your Friends They Cute to
    Just I Have APPLAUSE ON You Puss. SO u Be my Friend

  37. Billy Givands says:

    Hello Puss in boots. Do You Have a Knite In Your Hand? Are u A Knight Puss

  38. Billy Givands says:

    I Want to see the movie.I Want to see it so Hard plz Let me Watch it. plz Do. I Just Loved Puss And Hes Friends. Plz Unremove It :). I OK with Puss Cause He Cute. Just AAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBB. (Hd) HD XD. JUST HAVE A MOVIE

  39. Billy Givands says:

    Christian Fancher. How U Cant Hear With Headphone

  40. Billy Givands says:


  41. Billy Givands says:

    I Know it Cuz it a Good Movie. Comes out 2011.But i Stii Love It. It Never Get Old.

  42. Billy Givands says:

    I Know He

  43. Billy Givands says:

    I Love The Movie.Puss in Boots :) I wIsh.I Had This Movie was Puss in boots 3 cuz It a New Movie :) Sorry Cat I Only Had yOu For Only one Min ago. Were Puss is a american Cat to me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO He is Not American Cat. He is a maxicon Cat :)
    Puss in Boots is awsome.And He Wax trap in the First Part of the movie forreal :( You Got To be AAAAAAAAppppppsss On The First parts :) MK Who is MK UR OWERR :) i lovED The Move

  44. Billy Givands says:

    I Cant Know His catchphrase Or Something like That :-(

  45. Billy Givands says:

    What Happened To His Other Colths? There a Beanstalk :) I REMEBER When I Watch Puss and The Three Cat. He Was tie up. Cause The Three Cats Are BULLYING Him. And It Was Funny When He was Tie up And Get Bury In the Sand. I Just Laugh Because Puss in boots Kind of Like puss in boots and the Beanstalk And Puss and The Three Cats. HAhahahaha

  46. Billy Givands says:

    Why Puss Say He Naughty AS Good?

  47. Billy Givands says:

    Great God. He is So Cute. He Make A Cute Face And PREWY. I Whould be Like Yes.You cute :)

  48. Billy Givands says:

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God. He is a cute and Cool animal. He Is a Knight Cat:)

  49. Billy Givands says:

    I Think Puss In Boots Dont Need to Ride A hose. cause He only 5 or 6 or 7. He mike Fall Off The Hose :-(

  50. Billy Givands says:

    :) Where Are Puss In boots. I Want Ts TO Know where at I Never Find Him :-(

  51. Billy Givands says:

    :)That is So Cute.I Just That Movie So Much :)

  52. billy says:

    Puss in boots :3 I Love The Movie and MOVR :)

  53. billy says:

    I LOVE The movie. I WATCH When i young. Good bye the movie

  54. billy says:

    HAhahahaha HAhahahaha :)

  55. billy says:

    Who think Puss in boots So Cute

  56. billy says:

    Puss In Boots is so Cute

  57. Billy Givands says:

    Puss in Boots :)

  58. Christian Fancher says:

    Nevermind, it was just a problem with my headphones.

  59. Christian Fancher says:

    I can’t hear anything and when I try somethig else with sound, it works just fine.

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