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Smiley (2012)


Watch Full movie: Smiley (2012), Online Free.

After discovering an urban legend of a demented serial killer, who has nothing but a carved ‘smiley’ on his face, a mentally fragile teen must decide whether she is going insane – or will be the next victim.

Director: Michael J. Gallagher
Writers: Ezra Cooperstein (story), Michael J. Gallagher
Stars: Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson


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69 Responses to Smiley (2012)

  1. jacob says:

    a complete waste of time

  2. josh says:

    so just so yalls know the conjuring was saposed to depict the true events of a possession its more of a recreation of a documentary type film and tis not saposed to be funny or scary its informal in a sence of if you f..k with the wrong spirit ur f..ked right back kinda like annabelle these are true stories being depicted here so just think of how it really happened that adds a lil fear to ones eyes id supose however thease made up character films that are suposed to be horror films have no fear to really stand on because its fake no truth and that desperatly lowers the scare factor…if they would make all horror movies on events that actually happened and stopped making them so damb predictable maby they wouldnt all suck as mutch as they do but that is the job of a director i guess make the same movie over and over untill every single horror movie is identiclt to the last that weve seen but anyways enjoy the films stick to stuff that would be based on real events and think oh well that really can happen and maby just maby u might feel a little tingly of fear

  3. Kaylah says:

    Wtf this is the first horror I’ve watched and I laughed at it..Disney makes scarier movies

  4. jamie says:

    i watched it for shane and toby :) love em

  5. kincade says:

    i did it for the luls i did it for the i luls i did it for the luls

  6. kincade says:

    i did it for the luls i did for the luls i did it for the luls

  7. Alex says:

    I was not expecting that ending holy shit! o.o

  8. katie says:

    Holy crap that ending

  9. HorrorLover says:

    I have watched nearly every horror movie out there, in hopes to find one that will really scare me. I have yet to find such a movie. I do not jump of “jump-scares”, I do not find any horror movie creepy, overly disgusting or anything for that matter. My face looks like: -.-, through every horror movie I watch. Please, oh please, let there come a REALLY SCARY horror movie in the nearby future. Such bullshit to even call “The Conjuring”, “Paranormal Activity”, “Saw”, “Rec”, or any horror movie scary. Such bullSHIT. Nothing’s scary anymore. I will probably give up soon on finding a horror movie that are as scary as my own nightmares, where I for example dream of myself ripping my own spine out with my own hands, decapitation, etc. God dammit, GOD DAMMIT! Please, oh please…

  10. Violet says:

    Is this the TV-14 or the R rated version? I’m guessing it’s the TV-14 rated one but if so, where can I find the R rated one?

  11. es says:

    if you skip to the end when all the credits over the chick that jumped through the window never died

  12. Nooooooooo says:

    The play button isn’t there!!!!! D:

  13. Hey says:


  14. Fuck me says:

    It was stupid and it kept frezeing it was so annoying I only kept watching because of Shane Dawson oh he is so dreamy and sexy oh

  15. Gabbriel says:

    It was scary funny and lol I enjoyed myself

  16. jonson says:

    i thought tobuscus was the killer because he was so calm but i love it when horror movies have messed up endings

  17. Reagan says:

    Omfg I almost peed my pants I was so scared but why would Shane prank her when he loved her a proxy didn’t want her to die did she?

    #omfg I love Shane and proxy

  18. mrs. p. bitty aka Mrs. Bitty says:

    by the end of the movie, i was so glad that the girl jumped from the window and ended the horribe acting. the killer was the professor. geez, the entire point to the movie was that it occurs on a campus each new semester. even the professor mentionedthe lolz. hahahaha

  19. mrs. p. bitty aka Mrs. Bitty says:

    by theend of the movie, i was so glad that the girl jumped from the window and ended the horribe acting. the killer was the professor. geez, the entire point to the movie was that it occurs on a campus each new semester. even the professor mentionedthe lolz. hahahaha

  20. Aïcha says:

    I wasn’t scared! I normally am, but I think that’s because I was more looking for what youtubers were in the movie. I saw Shanna Malcolm at the background all the time!!! And I was laughing weird when Shane was in the kissingscene cuz I was watching with my mother and she knows he’s my favorite youtuber… Its still my favorite movie from now on.

  21. Jessica says:

    Holy fuck I got scared in like the first 3 minutes and that face is so fuckin creepy. YUCK!

  22. james says:

    I hate that face it looked gay XD

  23. Codis says:

    So are they like a deranged cult or clan or something like that? then at the end is it like a copy cat murderer? are the college kids copying the guy at the end? so many questions!!!!!! make another and answer some of these questions please!

  24. Sprinkle says:

    I loved it! But I jumped so many times. The ending had a great double twist. Shane Dawson was really great as Bender

  25. Emily says:

    omg this would have scared me if shane dawson or tobuscus wernt in it. it just sort of made me laugh XD

  26. tankdempsey says:

    first time im going to watch this

  27. skylor says:

    This movie is fucking sweet

  28. Danny Phantom says:

    Oh my god. This movie is SO SCREWED UP. Gotta love it though. I swear, i love this.


      I love the plot but except for the girl died cause you know it fucking upsets me and shit but when her “friend” died I fucking love the part!!!!

  29. Autumn Davis says:

    I loved this movie so much!

  30. MIL says:

    This movie is scarier than THE CONJURING… ITS TRUE

  31. NewWorldDisorder says:

    i did it for the lulz

  32. Holla says:

    I love this movie well ….. I did it for the lulz

  33. Asiah says:

    this is the second time i have watched it and im still not going to be able to sleep

  34. RainbowEcstacy says:

    oh my I loved this movie. It was hilarious yet a bit scary haha. I LOVE horrors so much. I saw a few screw ups/bad edits, but other than that it was amazing haha <3 shane i love youu! I DID IT FOR THE LULZ :)

  35. scaredmovies says:

    omg im so scared :( this film is great as a horror but real scary so u cant watch…

  36. scaredmovies says:

    i did it for the lolz
    i did it for the lolz
    i did it for the lolz

    now ur gonna die

    LOL i was so scared i coudent watch the film in half way omg.

  37. jason says:

    holy shit i cant sleep tonight i hope they are going to make smily p:2

    • Sash says:

      you serious?! This bullshit scared you? Go watch “The conjuring”, dude. So you’ll know how scary really feels….

      • Hannah Lyn says:

        Are you crazy? XD I am just a 12 years old and “the conjuring” is nothing for me. -_- the conjuring is not that scary just intense DUHH! XD And not one ask your opinion. And we dont care XD

        • Connor Devlin says:

          Just because you’re twelve doesn’t mean you’re entitled to knowing more about film then anybody else. The Conjuring is a beautiful movie and you’re probably just not mature enough to understand its complexities. Also, nobody asked for your opinion either. Congrats on being twelve.

      • Hannah Lyn says:


        • INSANITYMONSTER says:


      • Codis says:

        this movie is scarier than the conjuring. I laughed at the conjuring a hell of a lot more than I screamed

        • Connor Devlin says:

          Ok, the conjuring wasn’t meant to be scary in a traditional sense, it was supposed to be mysterious, it aimed at possessing its audience more with terror and mood, where this movie is just plagued with jump scares that are as repetatvie as they are stupid, fit for eleven year olds to jerk off too.

      • Dez The Vampire says:

        the conjuring? really? that was not scary at all.

      • Maliik says:

        True!!!!! the conjuring is really frightening and intense!!. this is ehh…. its worse than evil dead…

        • Connor Devlin says:

          Idk, I kinda liked the new Evil Dead, sure it wasn’t as goofy as the originals but it was still fun. Love the conjuring though, great film.

      • Max says:

        The movie is shit

      • Anonymous says:

        that movie wasn’t even scary, Smiley scared me more than The Conjuring, too much stuff has been done just like The Conjuring none of it is even scary cause you know what’s going to happen, it’s just like every other movie, then move into a house, strange things start happening it gets worse they call in investigators someone gets possessed and there’s an exorcism, it’s too cliche

        • Connor Devlin says:

          You realize that everything in smiley has also been done before right? Jump scares and a stupid plot twist are literally every cash grab hollywood teen horror movie now days, and this film does nothing new.

      • Jasey says:

        I was bored during The Conjuring I started painting my nails during it, they’re red now thanks for asking, but seriously, The Conjuring? Scary? Yeah, right. Suspenseful, but not scary.

      • Alishia says:

        LOL The Conjuring wasn’t scary it was only scary if the person behind you in the cinema/theater knew when to put their hand on your shoulder 😛 Same with that excuse of a horror movie Insidious I found hilarious but then again I have been watching horror movies since I was about 5 lol not everyone has the same taste in horror as each other and some people are easier scared than others.

    • Nick says:

      I know me neither

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