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V for Vendetta (2005)


Watch Full movie V for Vendetta (2005) Online Free.

Part 1

Part 2

A shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.

Director: James McTeigue
Writers: Andy Wachowski (screenplay), Lana Wachowski (screenplay)
Stars: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman and Rupert Graves


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27 Responses to V for Vendetta (2005)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Remember, Remember the fifth of November
    The gun powder treason and plopped
    I don’t know why the gun powder treason will be forgot

  2. Anon says:

    Really good movie. Loved the concept of not being able to kill an idea.

  3. Sava says:

    AAAhhhhhhh I can no longer look at life the same!!!! This should be mandatory for everyone to watch.

  4. Mya Rodriguez says:

    My favorite movies since I was 8 of year…still remains in my heart.

  5. 69baby69 says:

    Awesome Killing

  6. Hani arar says:

    Very nice movie

  7. Anonymous Watcher says:

    Great movie! I loved it!

  8. S2 says:

    if you like this you’ll love a show called code geass.its so freaking awesome.im not one for emotional outburst but code geass makes me very emotional it makes me feel all the emotions at once and it action packed too^^

  9. dismofo says:

    F…g loved it. Will be forever one of my faves.

  10. ./XCoDE_404 says:


  11. ./404_Proxy says:

    Ini Filem Yang Sangat Menarik Dan Menambah Ilmu Pengetahuan Saya

  12. Loloikss says:

    Looooooooooooooove it

  13. chet says:

    Remember the 5th of November!

  14. Anynomous Watcher says:

    It’s funny I’m watching this on November 5th XD

  15. Anynomous Watcher says:

    Loved the movie, best I have ever seen ! I’m going to spread it out
    to all my friends to watch !

  16. Anynomous says:

    awesome movie going to be him for Halloween

  17. Barack Obama says:

    good movie!!!! this is what we should do with the whole US

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