October 1, 2018 5:30 am
October 1, 2018 5:30 am
China Box Office: Celina Jade’s "Mrs Money" Wins Pre-Holiday Weekend

On a pre-holiday weekend, in which new releases unusually came to market on Sunday instead of the normal Friday, “Hello Mrs Money” topped the Chinese box office. Zhang Yimou’s “Shadow” took second spot.

Their single day of release gave “Mrs Money” $16.8 million, and “Shadow” $10.4 million, according to data from Ent Group. They were followed Hong Kong crime thriller “Project Gutenberg,” with $8.17 million.

China’s week-long National Day holiday begins from today. And for many people Saturday was treated like an additional working day. Once the holiday period gets underway for more people, box office numbers are likely to swell.

“Money” was produced by Mahua FunAge, a company that is China’s market leader in live comedy, and which made a successful transition into film with 2015’s $218 million hit “Goodbye Mr. Loser,” and followed that with “Mr. Donkey” in 2016, and sports comedy “Never Say Die” in 2017. “Never Say Die” was released at this time last year and grossed $340 million.

Starring Celina Jade, the female revelation from “Wolf Warriors II,” “Money” is a story involving mistaken identities, wedding plans and the surprise participation of a man’s wealthy aunt (Jade) at his engagement party.

“Shadow” is a big-budget, period action drama, directed by Zhang Yimou (“Hero”, “Curse of the Golden Flower”). It had prestige launches at the Venice and Toronto film festivals.

The delayed new releases meant that holdover titles enjoyed two extra days of release, before losing their screens. Romance-drama, “Cry me a River” headed the chart on Friday and Sunday and earned $6.14 million, for a 10-day cumulative of $31.9 million. Fifth place belonged to new release “Fat Buddies.”

Holdover, actioner “Golden Job” earned $4.71 over the weekend, for a 10-day cumulative of $43.9 million. Previous chart-topper, “L Storm” earned $2.38 million for seventh place and a 17-day cumulative of $63.3 million. “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” edged its cumulative to $181 million after 31 days.