Enjoy Movies
Enjoy Movies is Russian production company, founded in 2010 by an Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan, his brother the producer Gevond Andreasyan and producer Georgy Malkov. The company is based in Moscow, Russia.
The company’s first movie release was in September 2011. In 2012, Enjoy Movies released extremely successful 5 feature films, what allowed the company to gain about 25% market share and gained $27.9M which was 10 times more than it spent on movie production and became No. 1 in Top 10 list of the most successful production companies in 2012 in Russia.
On 20 May, during the Cannes film festival,Enjoy Movies announced the creation of Glacier Films – an alliance company with Hayden Christensen and his brother Tove Christensen. In 3-year term Glacier Films intends to make 11 “micro-budjet” movies worth $1.5M each. First project “American Heist” starring Hayden Christensen himself starts in June 2014 and it’s going to be a remake of Steve McQueen’s “The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery”.
In July 2017 Enjoy Movies announced that it is filing for bankruptcy. However, it announced in September 2017, that the studio left from bankruptcy
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Address Moscow, Russia