Five Star Production

Five Star Production Co. Ltd. (Thai: ไฟว์สตาร์ โปรดักชั่น) is a Thai film production company. It was founded in 1973 by Kiat Iamphungphorn and is today headed by his younger brother, Charoen Iamphungporn, and Kiat’s children, Aphiradee and her younger brothers Kiatkamon and Kiattikul. The company’s films include the works of Wisit Sasanatieng (Tears of the Black Tiger, Citizen Dog) and Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Ruang Talok 69, Monrak Transistor, Last Life in the Universe, Invisible Waves). Other directors associated with Five Star include Thanit Jitnukul, Bhandit Rittakol and Poj Arnon.

Five Star Production Established in 1973, Five Star Production Company Limited is one of Thailand’s most experienced production and distribution houses. Along the years, Five Star Production has developed, founding the first Motion Picture Studio in Thailand in 1979, expanding its activities to TV programs production and producing drama series between 1992 and 1998, along with subsequent successful business deals with Piprodia Entertainment and has even created a Variety Show aiming at discovering new talents and launched the careers of dozen of Thailand’s famous actors and actresses. Five Star has recently created a new division, Stadio, a full-service provider for film marketing already reputed for the quality and qualification of its staff.
Owing to a fast development that leant on the company’s purpose to make quality films for Thai people, Five Star has become one of the leading movie production companies in Thailand and stands now as the Home of Thai Movies. Five Star’s film collection comprises about 250 films, made by the 70 Thai film directors the company has been working with, including many of the most famous ones.
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