Glavkino (Russian: Главкино, pronounced [ˈɡlʲavkʲɪnə]) is a film studio, which is often described as one of the biggest Film concerns in Russia. The studio includes a self-titled TV Movie complex, a production company, and lab scenarios.
The Concern was founded in 2008 by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Konstantin Ernst and Ilya Bachurin. 50% of the concern is owned by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Konstantin Ernst, Ilya Bachurin and “Uralsib” Bank, another 50% is owned by the private investor Vitaly Golovachov.
Glavkino complex is located in the Krasnogorsk municipal district of Moscow region. Total area – 33,000 m². In the first phase of construction, crews erected pavilions, hardware, and facilities to house creative teams. The complex opened in 2012. The complex was the first full cycle film studio to be built in Russia since the opening of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio in 1943. The Shooting Hall №4 is one of the largest in Eastern Europe (3107 m², ceiling height 24 m).
The first movie filmed by Glavkino was August Eighth, directed by Dzhanik Fayziev.
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Address St. Petersburg, Russia