Kantana Group

Kantana Group Public Company Limited (Thai: บริษัท กันตนา กรุ๊ป จำกัด bor-rí-sàt gan-dtà-năa gróop jam-gàt) is a film and television production company based in Bangkok, Thailand. It is one of Thailand’s oldest and largest film studios. The company’s post-production facilities, including the joint-venture Oriental Post, are a major Asian hub for film processing and editing. The company is also known for its animation work, which includes the 2006 feature film Khan Kluay.

Kantana began in 1951 as a radio drama troupe founded by Pradit and Somsook Kaljaruek. The company branched out into television in 1958 with the drama series “Ying Kor Mee Hua Jai”.
The company has since expanded to include the production of feature films, commercials and documentaries.
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Address Bangkok, Thailand
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