MediaPro Studios
Bucharest Film Studios (MediaPro Studios) in Romania is Eastern Europe’s largest and longest established film studios with a tradition in cinema spanning over 60 years. It provides full production services for the international film and TV industry. The complex is located in the town of Buftea, 20 kilometers north-west of Bucharest. Since they were founded (in the 1950s), over 600 films have been shot, processed and/or serviced there – both Romanian and international productions.
In 2015, a group of investors – formed by important film producers from the USA and Romania – has finalized the transaction through which CME sold the shares of MediaPro Entertainment, major shareholder of the MediaPro Studios. After an extensive and complex process of rebranding, MediaPro Studios is now Bucharest Film Studios.
In 1998 the Studios were purchased at a public auction by MediaPro Group. It took more than a year of intensive renovation to bring back to life all the production facilities. MediaPro Studios has 19 stages, the largest water tank in Eastern Europe, a backlot (including a lake), more than 30,000 costumes from all historical periods, and exterior sets from the 16th to 18th century.
The first important production after 1998 was in 2000. Costa Gavras’ Amen reestablished the reputation of MediaPro Studios and opened the way for more than 50 international productions. In the following years, some international filmmakers such as Franco Zeffirelli, Jeremy Irons, Sissy Spacek, Donald Sutherland, Andy García, Dennis Hopper, Fanny Ardant, Robert Carlyle, Dolph Lundgren or Bob Hoskins set foot in the studios and contributed to international productions, features, and TV films. Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas), French nominee at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, Sex Traffic, which won 9 BAFTA awards, The Cave, a science fiction horror film and An American Haunting are some of the titles shot in the studios.
In autumn 2006 three new Romanian titles entered the theaters: Margo, directed by Ioan Cărmăzan, Lacrimi de iubire (Tears of Love) – the first Romanian spin-off –, and Trei fraţi de belea (Three Loony Brothers) – from the authors of the number one film in local box-office after 1990, Garcea şi oltenii (Garcea, the Stupidest Policeman on Earth).
In 2007, California Dreaming (endless), a MediaPro Pictures production directed by Cristian Nemescu, received Un certain regard Prix at Cannes Film Festival.
In recent years, MediaPro Studios has diversified its range of services to include television. Working with the TV stations co-owned by Adrian Sârbu and Central European Media (Pro TV and Acasă), MediaPro Studios and its sister company, MediaPro Pictures, produced the first local sitcom, Neighbors Forever, 2002, as well as the first local soap opera (Only Love, 2004). Neighbors Forever has been on the air for 10 seasons which is a record in Romanian television.
Their television production portfolio also includes other soap operas and sitcoms, a police series, and dozens of TV films. Studio officials claim that in 2006 alone about 1,000 hours of fiction were produced for television.
The services provided by the studios also include the shooting of television commercials and event management.
Since 2009, with the integration of MediaPro Entertainment within Central European Media Enterprises, MediaPro Studios is servicing original content production for six countries, dozens of CME broadcasters and distribution as well as receiving commissions from third party broadcasters. It is able to offer full production services to the international film industry.
Taking advantage of the region’s abundance of talent in the field, MediaPro Entertainment was the first to create a coherent entity integrating cutting-edge CGI / VFX technology and content into the production and post-production work flow and facilities. MediaPro Magic is now one of the leading VFX and Post-production houses in the region.
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