Nordisk Film
Nordisk Film (or Nordisk Film Distribution, USA affiliate: Great Northern Film Company), established in Denmark in 1906 by Danish filmmaker Ole Olsen and also the oldest continuously active film studio in the world. It is the third oldest studio in the world behind the Gaumont Film Company and Pathé. Olsen started his company in the Copenhagen suburb of Valby under the name “Ole Olsen’s Film Factory” but soon changed it to the Nordisk Film Kompagni. In 1908, Olsen opened an affiliate branch in New York, the Great Northern Film Company, to handle distribution of his films to the American market. As Nordisk Film, it became a publicly traded company in 1911.
In 1992 it merged with the Egmont media group and operates today as electronic media production and distribution group that employs 1,900 people. The total revenues in 2015 amounted to approximately €497 million. Today, Nordisk Film is the oldest movie production company in operation in the world. Egmont Nordisk Film is the largest producer and distributor of electronic entertainment in the Nordic region. Nordisk Film incorporates all parts of the value chain in the electronic entertainment world: development, production, marketing and distribution.
The company produces and co-produces national and international feature films in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which are distributed to cinemas around the Nordic countries, including Nordisk Film Cinemas in Denmark and Norway with 208 auditoriums. The films are also distributed internationally for viewing in cinemas, on video and on television. Additionally, Nordisk Film produces animated content and feature films.
Through the Nordisk Film Foundation, Nordisk Film develop new talent and promote the “good film narrative.” With an annual budget of approx. DKK 3.5 million, the Nordisk Film Foundation has also contributed to the development of the Danish film industry over the last 20 years by offering scholarships, project grants and awards. In 2015, the Nordisk Film Foundation launched the signature project “The Polar Bear’s Author Camp”, bringing the total budget to EUR 4.5 million.
On 18 May 2012, Nordisk Film made a multi-year deal with Lionsgate to distribute their films (along with Summit Entertainment) in Scandinavia. In September 2012, DreamWorks signed a partnership with Nordisk Film for the distribution of DreamWorks’ films in Scandinavia. On March 31, 2017, 20th Century Fox signed a distribution deal with Nordisk for Denmark and Sweden.
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