Sono Cairo

Sono Cairo (Sout Alqahira, Sout Al Qahira, or Sawt al-Qahira: Arabic: شركة صوت القاهرة للصوتيات والمرئيات‎, “the sound of Cairo”) is an Egyptian government owned multimedia company.

Launched as a privately-owned record company, it was taken over by the government in 1964, and became the country’s largest producer of discs. As of 2009 it is under the control of the Ministry of Information.
Artist Mohamed Fawzi & Co was established alshark alawsat factory for CD’s on 30 April 1959[dubious – discuss] and turned into sout Alqahira Company for CD’s on 6 January 1964. Then issued its decision, Mr. / Minister of Information No. 139 of 1977 established a sout alqahira company for Audio and Video as an Egyptian joint stock companies as one of the Radio and Television Union of the Ministry of Information.
In Egyptian Revolution of 1952, President Anwar Sadat made a speech from the company’s broadcast.
distance: Unknown
Address Cairo Governorate, Egypt