Trash Video
Trash Video is an independent film company from Finland established in the year 1995, Trash video is best known from movies such as Hervanta Fury (2001), The Man From Hervanta (2003), Nato Commando (2005) and the outrageous tv-series Partyboys.
Trash Videon was established by Matti Kuusniemi, Ville Lähde, Antti Murtonen, Andres Pass and Aatto Paasonen. Later on Sami Saarinen and Antti Kiuru joined in.
Trash Video movies have been for instance on MoonTV and also they have been screened at several movie festivals. Movies and other productions have been available widely on VHS, then on DVD and finally now on internet streaming.You will find all things Trash Video on this page! Enjoy!
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